Cooling Systems


Your cooling system has one of the hardest jobs of any on your vehicle. When your engine generates power, it also generates massive amounts of heat. Managing that heat is the job of the cooling system, which circulates coolant through the engine and into a radiator, to cool and return back to the engine. This cycling of coolant goes on every time you start your engine, and is critical to engine operation. Too cold, and the engine operates inefficiently. Too hot, and serious and expensive engine damage will occur.

If you’re seeing a “HOT” light on your dash, or a higher than normal temperature gauge, your cooling system is telling you it needs immediate attention. Also, if you smell coolant, or see any leaks of (typically) green or red fluid under your engine, you have a cooling system issue. There are many components to your cooling system, so we’ll do a full diagnostic to pinpoint your issue so you can get the most efficient and economical repair. Don’t hesitate when cooling system issues arise; to ignore them will cost you much, much more!

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