Air Conditioning Systems


During scorching hot days, we rely on air conditioning to create a comfortable environment inside our vehicles. However, you may have noticed that it takes longer for your vehicle to cool down or that the air doesn't get as cold as it used to.

Modern air conditioning systems are intricate and require regular inspections to detect any leaks or faulty components. Our team of ASE-trained and experienced technicians is well-versed in the specific Freon used in your system for recharging, ensuring compliance with local and federal regulations regarding usage and disposal. At Quick Auto and Exhaust, we have the expertise to optimize your A/C system's performance, delivering the cooling comfort it was designed to provide.

As your trusted service and maintenance partner in Franklin, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service that exceeds your expectations. We invite you to acquaint yourself with our skilled and professional team members. Feel free to visit our location and meet our team!

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Certified Mechanics

With a team of ASE Certified technicians you can trust us to handle your vehicle with the utmost professionalism, no matter what service we are providing.

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Complete Auto Repair

Regardless of the model and make of your vehicle, our experienced Franklin Auto Repair Shop can provide it with a full garage service.

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We are a full service and performance auto repair facility located in Franklin, TN. We service foreign, domestic & light trucks.