Powertrain Systems

Powertrain Systems

The powertrain of your vehicle encompasses the engine, transmission or transaxle, and rear differential in the case of rear-wheel drive. In gas/electric hybrid vehicles, one or more electric motors, as well as the battery pack, may also be part of the powertrain. In all-electric vehicles, the powertrain consists of the electric motor and the battery pack.

This system is responsible for propelling your car forward. The engine utilizes fuel to generate power, which is then transmitted or distributed through the transmission. Finally, the power reaches the drive wheels via the differential or transaxle.

Addressing Drivetrain Issues

As you can imagine, any drivetrain issue can significantly impact your ability to move. You may experience a decrease in performance, which could be due to a minor adjustment or require further attention. In more severe cases, your vehicle may refuse to move altogether, indicating a critical issue that demands immediate attention.

No matter the nature of your powertrain problem, we possess the expertise to diagnose the issue and provide you with the necessary information to get you back on the road. Our factory-trained and system-certified technicians excel at pinpointing drivetrain issues. You will receive a comprehensive understanding of the problem and the required repairs to restore safe operation.

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