Climate Control/AC/Heat

Heating and A/C

When our climate control system is functioning properly, it often goes unnoticed. Some simply set it and forget it, while others are satisfied as long as the air blowing from the vents is at the desired temperature.

However, maintaining a comfortable cabin temperature requires a sophisticated system of electronic, mechanical, and refrigerant components operating at their best. Each of these systems has specific maintenance requirements to ensure optimal performance.

Temperature Regulation

Electronically, the system utilizes various sensors and switches to maintain the desired inside air temperature. The interface for this system is essentially a small computer with its components and connections. These units are typically the first to be checked, as they control the other systems responsible for cooling or heating the inside air.

Internally, your engine drives a compressor that circulates refrigerant through a dryer and condenser, creating cold air. The refrigerant also contains a small amount of lubricating oil to ensure smooth operation of the compressor's moving parts. If refrigerant leaks or if it loses its charge, the compressor could fail. In the event of a leak, water can enter the system and corrode its components. Mechanically, the system employs a clutch to cycle the compressor for efficient operation, sometimes cycling hundreds of times per hour. With such frequent use, regular maintenance and service are crucial.

Annual inspection for optimal performance

That's why it's important to have your system inspected annually to check for leaks and ensure efficient operation. If you suspect a problem or notice a decline in cooling effectiveness, bring your vehicle in, and we'll conduct a thorough examination. Our experts will test the system's performance and promptly diagnose any issues. We'll provide you with an estimate for the necessary repairs, and you'll be back on the road in comfort before you know it! Now that's cool!

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